Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Burrito - Mexican food to go in Saigon

Mexican food ? I'm not sure how many people living in Saigon know about Mexican food, but if you ask them about "Simply Maria", I'm sure many of them still remember the record holding 150 episodes TV series from Mexico, back to early 1990s. That was the first time on Vietnam TV we watched a such long "telenovela"! Everyone seemed happy, impatient to wait for the next episode, to live together with Maria, a main heroine, to cheer her up. And that also marked the beginning of the invasion of the Korean TV melodrama on Vietnam television since '90s.

Ok, we are here not about TV drama, but my first burrito in Saigon. Before heading to this tiny burrito 2 go shop, my friend and I, we were thinking about what to eat in a raining Saturday - Japanese pizza in Lê Thánh Tôn ? or Vietnamese pancake in Đinh Công Tráng ? Suddenly my friend drove me to this El Gato Negro, The Black Cat. 

               My first burrito filled with ground beef, spanish rice, red beans, veggies...

I really can't remember I have ever tried Mexican dishes or not, but this burrito was surely my very first one. The whole burrito was big but according to my friend who has been living in US over 20 years, he said "it's nothing if compare with burrito supreme in US". Ok, American portion!

                The staff at El Gato Negro was so nice to show me how to wrap a burrito. Rice first...        

              on a warm grilled tortilla, then the big red beans, tasty and flavourful...

                 the meat comes next, we can choose either beef or chicken...

              and the cabbage...

                  finally some tomato and the green one - maybe sweet pepper paste? 

             Now time to wrap then to roll in a foil and it's ready to serve or to deliver! 

             If you prefer more spicy, here is the collection of chilli sauces.

                The El Gato Negro - The Black Cat at 182 Pasteur, Saigon...

               and the menu, the price for your reference.  

I was told that the price is almost the same as in US, the taste is truly "mexicana". Yeah, we don't have much choice for Mexican food in Saigon, so far this burritos shop could be one of the best in town but it's probably good enough to make Saigon as an international food hub.
El Gato Negro - 182 A Pasteur street, Dist.1, Saigon
Tel: 08 6660 1577  

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