Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Deep fried cake "Cóng" from Mekong Delta

I really had no idea why we call this deep fried savory cake "Cóng", also no glue about the name, the meaning, the origin...until one of my many trips to Cần Thơ, to try this speciality and to discover the name's origin! People probably named  the cake Cóng, after the cake's mold!

            Bánh cóng - a speciality from Mekong Delta

The cake's mold is quite unique, it looks like a ladle - big serving spoon for soup, but the handle has been designed specially long with a hook at the end ... for deep frying function!
By the way, in Vietnamese, to call this big serving spoon we have different words: in North - we call "môi" or "mui", in South - "" and it causes a big confusion between people from North and South when we talk to each other.

              Name of the cake "cóng" comes from the mold, a big serving spoon look-alike!  

Ok, back to the cake, a deep fried savory cake with two shrimps on the top, filled with tasty minced pork meat and green beans, crispy fried from the outside! Bánh cóng always served hot, still soft but when we leave them for a while, cold, they are getting harder!

To prepare bánh cóng for frying is quite interesting, a bit of the mixture of flour into the mold first, then minced pork, cooked green beans, then flour again and topped with shrimps! Now ready to deep this big spoon into boiling oil... 

Bánh cóng are better served with veggies, same kinds of veggies for bánh xèo, sweet spicy fish sauce. the cake has been cut into four pieces, so easy to break it and wrap with veggies, dip in sauce!

I first tried this cake with a friend from Japan, we both loved it, we even got some more to take back to the hotel for our friends. I like the taste, probably due to the green beans and minced pork inside the cake. Crispy from the outside, but the inside is soft.
When I tried for the second time - at the same place, popular place in Cần Thơ at 6A Nguyễn Trãi, the taste is not that good as the first time, I wonder why - probably we were so hungry  at the first time after a long ride on bike around the town, especially in the heat of summer in Mekong Delta!  

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