Monday, May 28, 2012

Noodles with goat stew! Hủ tiếu dê kho!

It's funny when I heard from my friend "hủ tiếu dê bò kho"! Literally means noodles with goat beef stew! Goat or beef?
Ok, let's me explain! We have very popular noodles with  beef stew (hủ tiếu bò kho), and beef stew can be served also with bread! One of my favorite dishes!
So these two words "beef stew" seems never separated to express this kind of dish and the cooking!
What my friend means is goat stew in the same way exactly as beef stew! Because if he says noodles with goat stew, especially in Vietnamese (dê kho!) many of us may not catch what kind of dish is it!

Anyway this's a new dish to me! Noodles and Goat! So I tried it this morning for breakfast!
I like it as the goat meat is so tender, tasty, esp. its thick chewy skin!
Interesting that they serve noodles separately, it means I have two little bowls : one for noodles and another one for goat stew!

Actually I forgot otherwise I better order yellow noodles, it could be better! The white noodles (hủ tiếu) are so soft, esp. in the very hot soup, that I don't like! Here they also serve goat stew with bread!

It seems here they serve this noodles with goat stew only for breakfast, we went there around 8:30 AM, all tables inside and outside on the pavement were mostly occupied!

The taste is similar to beef stew but according to my friend beef stew is sweeter! I agreed!
But the goat meat is very tasty, I can't smell a typical strong smell of goat meat, I like specially the thick skin. Chewy but tender! Dip sauce is spicy sate! Make it more tasty!

I follow my friend's advise, I did order an extra bowl of goat stew, and it seems a bit too much and heavy for breakfast! Anyway, new discovery for a new day! 40,000 VND per bowl!

You can try if like it!  The noodles with goat stew stall located in Chinatown at 85 Nguyễn Kim, right in the corner of Đào Duy Từ and Nguyễn Kim. The outdoor stadium Thống Nhất is across the street. Nguyễn Kim is the street alongside Parkson Hùng Vương Plaza! Better go there before 9:00 AM!
More choice for goat stew!

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