Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweets from Chinatown!

   Can you guess what's this? 
   Inside banana leaves? 

   I'm sure you can! If not continue reading...
Last night, I decided to ride on my bicycle, with camera in an effort to get some nice shots!
But riding, riding I couldn't find any good spots! 
In the middle of the way to Chinatown, I decided to go back. 
Suddenly I noticed on my right hand side - a stall selling something - very eye-catching! Three vendors. Two middle-aged men with a woman seem very busy! 
Young people keep coming and buying!  

They are selling small cubes of jelly: jelly with dried raisin, longan, coffee flavor, pandan leaves flavor, coconut, marble egg jelly, water chestnut ... not too sweet and I'm sure they use ice cube mold for making this flavored gelatin dessert! 

Besides jelly they still sell green mung bean cake and steamed cassava cake. Both are delicious!  
Cassava cake is very popular but mostly baked not steamed! Chewy with nice flavor! 
Green mung bean cake is very smooth, soft texture! It seems that they don't add much coconut cream sauce as we do! They still have pig's skin cake (bánh da lợn). Quite different! 

But their speciality is what in the banana leaves! 
People keep buying half dozen, dozen... and take away! 

They are selling a special dessert made from glutinous rice, coconut cream sauce, and egg custard! 
Xôi cadé (literally glutinous rice cadé) 

I don't know the origin.
It could be from Thailand (they still call xôi xiêm, xiêm is Siam - Thailand, as our neighbor has a similar sticky rice cooked with coconut cream sauce and served with mango but egg custard? I don't know!)

Anyway xôi cadé (cadé pronounced as kaze) is awesome!
Tasty, rich, not too sweet and the egg custard is excellent!
The good thing that everything here is in small portion! One or two bite size!

Here is the stall on Trần Phú street, no name, in front of noodles shop - Giai Ký (451 Trần Phú, dist. 5)
Business hours from 18:00 to 21:00!   

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