Monday, April 02, 2012

I wrap a veggie garden in my roll! Speciality from Tây Ninh

It's not an April Fool joke!
That would be the only one fresh spring roll in Vietnam that requires over 20 kinds of veggie to wrap & to roll!

I'm talking about the most green dish from Trảng Bàng (Tây Ninh) and with the longest explanation & translation!

"Freshly cooked pork meat wrapped in special rice paper which has been lightly grilled and left  overnight in the open air to get slightly wet with dew!" 

Or shortened version in Vietnamese "thịt luộc cuốn bánh tráng phơi sương"!
I would name this rice paper "Night's Dew"!

Few years ago, on the way to Tây Ninh, we stopped by a small stall, serving this unique food and
for the first time I learnt why we need so many veggie to make this roll!

The owner - an old lady explained to us: "You need to put all these leaves in your roll, otherwise missing even one - and what you eat is no longer our speciality!"
She helped us to wrap a roll with every single veggie on the table.
The roll she make was very nice, thick, tidy and full of veggie.

I dipped it in sauce - lightly sweet fish sauce mixed with black pepper, chopped mint.

To my surprise, every flavor from each leaf in my roll was so well harmonized with each other, creating the best fresh spring roll that I never ever forget!

Super freshly cooked pork meat! Served warm! 
Unique rice paper with special preparation process! Unlike any other rice papers, it's soft but chewy with nice savory taste! 
Dipping sweet fish sauce with black pepper! 
And the garden of fresh veggie! 

And only yesterday, I tried it again, I wrapped the roll by myself and curiously counted how many kind of leaves I put in my roll!

15 ! Fifteen! 

I got a note with veggie's names but I better leave photos without caption, otherwise I may mess up  everything! Some very familiar but many very new to me! 

Where to try?

Phương Dung 182/4B Tân Thới Ba, Tân Hiêp, Cầu An Hạ, Hóc Môn, HCMC 
Tel: 3713 1687 

You may find some shops named Bánh canh Trảng Bàng in town (Võ Văn Tần street) but here seems better in quality and cheaper in price! Outside of the city but that's worth checking out!

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