Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A village for the rich...(part 2)

As I told you one of the reasons I want to come to Gstaad was the Tennis Tournament. To be honest this is not the best tennis show with super stars like Djokovich, Federer,'s just another ATP World Tour 250 (if you are tennis fan, you may know what's it!) but I was told our super star Roger Federer's career launched from here, and this year they celebrated 100 year anniversary of the tennis tournament in Gstaad!

                    A beautiful chalet in Gstaad - a favourite winter holiday destination for the high society 

Monday, April 18, 2016

A village for the rich...(Part 1)

While staying in Paris for my courses at Le Cordon Bleu, I tried to travel around during weekend or after the course... Gstaad was in my list, a small village in Switzerland and as they call it "the village for the rich", but I still have another reason to go there - the tennis tournament between the tennis stars!
I booked the hotel in Gstaad but after that I changed my mind I canceled it and booked another one in Rougemont - a village nearby and I don't know why...But it was good as I got a chance to know two villages: one for the rich and another one for the very rich! The only damage to me was the two way tickets from Rougemont to Gstaad everyday for my tennis tournament and it was 10 Euros for less than 10' route!

                I booked a hotel in this village, Rougemont, 10' by train to Gstaad.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Little sponge cake with salted egg...

It seems we have so many “eating trends” these days among the youth, I remember those lemon tea, fried potato “tornado”, almond lychee sweet soup, cheese stick… everywhere in town, but after sometime some of them quietly disappeared and replaced by others – like "coconut ice cream with sticky rice"…or recently “sponge cake with salted eggs” or “shaking mango, shaking potato”! I admire that diversity  of our street foods and hope the best will stay for a little bit longer…

               If speaking today language of the youth - we would call these tiny cake "legendary"! 

Friday, April 01, 2016

A day out to the sea & specialities in a seaside town - Vũng Tàu!

Vung Tau or as we used to call this seaside town by another name - Cấp, used to be a favourite holiday place for many people living in Saigon. Only 120 km away, nearly 1 ½ hours by car...but by somehow this small town is no longer in our heart. It's still very close, by distance, compared to the other seaside places along our long coast. I was born in Saigon, so...I have many sweet childhood memories with this town and more than that, my very first "accidental adventure" when I was just few years old, happened here, where together with my elder brother we were "left" in the pagoda, I was starving...that will be another long story!        

               I have no idea since when this "bánh khọt" became Vũng Tàu speciality...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Le Cordon Bleu - a special school in Paris!

I'm very sorry I didn't have any update over the past few months. I was away from home as you may guess. To be honest I was struggling with my blog title "Viet Street Food" because already for quite some time I decided not to write much about it...only when I have a chance. So my blog could be no longer a best place for someone to look for the street food in Saigon! I was thinking to create another blog where I can write "whatever", but then I realise I better keep this one and write "whatever" as I already mentioned in my profile.

               We are not allowed to take photo or video during the demo, only at the end...with the cakes! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little green bean cakes and my memory of "chị Ký"

These little green bean cakes in shape of colourful fruits would recall many people among us about a sweet childhood. We used to love these cakes, we could look at them, admire them long before eating, we could check one by one, we could jump and scream with joy "it's a mango, it's plum, it's a mandarin..." All these cakes made of green bean, sometime people could mix the green bean paste with coconut milk, to make it tastier...but I personally prefer the pure, fragrant green bean flavour.

         The green bean cakes in shape of colourful fruits - a sweet memory of my childhood.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

The heat of April and a day with Mút - a hot boy!

It was very hot in Saigon in April, the temp. up to 36-38oC, unbearably hot that I didn't want to do anything, to go anywhere....Yeah, it probably explained why no post on this blog since my last one in early April! But in this April's heat, if going out, it could be better than just sitting like a dead man in the room, even with the air-con. Anyway, I got a call from my friend, he suggested to spend the holiday at his "dacha" (a holiday house in the country), by the lake. I was happy to say "Yes, i'm on my way!".

                 Our little hero of today story - Mút, 5 year old, welcomed me, in front of his chicken kingdom. 

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